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International Competition of Packaging Design

2016: Don't let packages end up in the trash, find their additional function!

21st year of the Young Package International package design competition

Who will win the Model Obaly Prize for the most innovative idea?

We invite you to the award ceremony, which will take place May 27 at 19:00 in the Aero cinema in Prague.

This year we registered more than seven hundred packaging from 46 countries. Students and designers were creating the packaging for many purposes on the topic PACKAGE UNLIMITED – packages with an additional functions. This year will be awarded eight students or designers. Awards including CZECHDESIGN Prize and the Prize of IKEA. The names of the winners and holder of the Model Obaly Prize will be announced at the end of May.

Packaging design has a special position not only in design, marketing and transport, but also in how it affects the environment. Paper waste makes up about 25% of household waste and it cannot be recycled indefinitely. Therefore, we have chosen a topic that can help reduce the amount of packaging waste and at the same time provide an additional use for consumers - PACKAGE UNLIMITED. Let's cut down the proportion of non-recyclable packaging waste, and let's think about how to create a package with multiple uses.

Award ceremony in the name of PACKAGE UNLIMITED - Young Package 2016

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The Young Package competition announces an enormous increase of international applications. A huge number of designers from the USA, India and China have applied for this 21st year of the competition…


The members of jury for the 21st year of the international Young Package competition will be Zdenka Peckova, press agent at IKEA, and Lukas Brza, packaging designer at LEGO. As usual, the chairman…