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International Competition of Packaging Design



This year, the best entries of Young Package 2014 will be selected by a group of five jury members, whose names you can find here.


Do not wait and register immediately. The form will be open until 14 March 2014 (1 p.m.)... Do not leave it to the last minute!



The online registration form is now open and ready for your entries.


Can't you wait for announcement of current year's topic? Shorten this waiting by a visitit of Young Pacage exhibition in Poland. The winning works of the year 2013 are travelling to Cieszyn next week…


Register now!

2012-03-07 23:14:23

Only 7 days are left to deadline so do not forget to register on time. You can fill in the online form already now and change all your information later. The form will close on 15 March at 13:00 CET so avoid the last-minute rush and register on time.