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International Competition of Packaging Design



On this Thursday we launch the Young Package 2017 Exhibition. You can se 40 best packaging on the topic of Open & Play. An exhibition of the best entries has been designed by duo Matěj Coufal and…


Look at the photos from the Design Award Ceremony that took a place on 26th of May.

Photos: Jan Hromádko



The jury has selected the 40 best packages from 57 countries. Check the packaging that could win one of the awards. Look at the top 40 best packaging.


In the 22nd year of the Young Package, over seven hundred designers from all continents sign up for the competition. Which one will receive the highest award, Model Obaly Prize, will be announced on


Young Package 2011 – complete list of winners

Product Package category with a topic „Package for a National Product“

University Students and Designers of up to 30 Years of Age

1. Diana Winklerová, Flagwrapper-Czechwrapper

Czech Republic

Jury statement: In this range of packages the author managed to capture the national character of glass products with elemental simplicity and elegance. The perfectly designed packaging is functional, protects the glass and recalls proportions of a Czech flag with its colors and shapes. The final character of the package creates an uniform and harmonic complex.

2. Ľubica Kulomberová, Botas Shoes Package

AAAD Prague, Slovakia

Jury statement: This simple box for the popular Botas shoes attracts attention at first sight with clear construction solution and quality minimal graphics. The designer didn't work out just the inner side of the package, she also used the moment of surprise after opening it. Ingenious construction is hiding two separate diagonal storage spaces with fresh colors as a contrast to the grey recycled cardboard. Subdivisions allow the insertion of promotional materials or witty instructions how to bind laces. The jury highlighted the ergonomic detailing.

3. Melissa Dangerfield, Manuka Honey Sweets

Massey University Albany, New Zealand

Jury statement: They say that James Cook prepared tea from the leaves of New Zealand tree Manuka and made it famous all over the world under the name of „tea tree“. Its beneficial effects and the taste of delicious honey made of its flowers are well known in New Zealand. The package for Manuka honey candy evokes the atmosphere of a traditional, natural and 100 % New Zealand product. Visually attractive and low-cost producible gift package goes beyond conventional packaging. The pack of candies recalls a bouquet; individual blossoms can be easily separated by pulling the string. The author met the intent and created a handmade candy package that also serves as an attractive souvenir.

Slovak Design Center Prize: Martin Sombathy, Bryndza Cheese Package

Slovak Technical University Bratislava, Slovakia

Jury statement: The Slovak Design Centre Award goes to the quality package for Slovak traditional sheep cheese Bryndza. The author used the typical bulkiness of the cheese and assimilated it jokingly to the shape of sheep's shaggy body. In addition, the production of packaging uses minimum amount of nontoxic materials (paper and recyclable plastic) thus reducing the environmental impact.

High School Students

1 Tomáš Chludil, A Small Suitcase Merkur

Secondary School of Applied Art, Uherské Hradiště, Czech Republic

Jury statement: The case for the building kit Merkur will please schoolchildren, but perhaps even more their playful dads. The functional package fits very nicely with its content thus giving a way for the shapes and strong colors of a famous Czech kit to stand out. The jury awarded appropriately the chosen graphic solution, supporting the technical nature of a construction and the overall level of product that excels in its completeness in the High school category.

2 Lukáš Kocián, Bag for Mushrooms or Mushrooming – Czech National Sport

Secondary School of Applied Art, Uherské Hradiště, Czech Republic

Jury statement: Everyone who goes to pick mushrooms in the woods or goes to farmers’ markets, will certainly appreciate this simple paper bag, which replaces the wicker basket on the way home. Minimalist perforation serves not only as a bold graphic element but also allows mushrooms (or any other fresh food in a bag) to breathe. By a simple technological solution a sachet turns into a bag. Moreover, its holder shows us to what purpose the bag serves. Thanks to properly chosen material and its weight the bag can be easily folded and taken away.

3 Michael Rosa, Package for Salami

Art Secondary School, Ostrava, Czech Republic

Jury statement: The author introduced an interesting shape of a package for traditional meat
products. With its form the package changes a common product to an exclusive delicacy and
encourages the customer to purchase: to purchase an unrepeatable culinary experience.

3 Pavlína Králová, Package for String

Secondary School of Business, Applied Art and Design, Pilsen, Czech Republic

Jury statement: Tangle of nodules in the closet, matted fibers and tangled ball of twine with ends
impossible to be found. The Package for String represents a clever way to avoid similar confusion.
The author created a practical package that doesn't have to be thrown into the trash but can be
filled again. Package is user friendly and has nice color solutions.

Chairman of the Jury Prize: Kateřina Kuchariková, Czech Lace

Art Secondary School, Ostrava, Czech Republic

Jury statement: Even in the 21st century traditional handicraft products don't have to loose their popularity. The set of packages created by the author will remind you of the charm of Czech bobbin lace. After putting together and attaching by elastic band, the cardboard butterfly evokes a typical thread spool. Its size is reasonably large to attract and doesn't disturb. The chosen solution is easy for production, original and effective. The package is supported by fine graphics and quality typography.

„Different View“ category with a topic „Book as a Package for Words“

1. Nikola Kalinová, Hidden Writings

Brno University of Technology, Faculty of Fine Arts, Czech Republic

Jury statement: Greetings from a journey, congratulations from grandma, good or bad news? Or perhaps a love letter? Sealed envelopes smell like secrets and little girls feel them better than anyone else. What would we find out if we opened one? Let's uncover the words slowly one by one and let's discover the story within them as well as between them...

2. Ondřej Horáček, Zenrin Kushu

Czech Republic

Jury statement: The jury appreciated the natural connection of typography and bookbinding and agreed with the author's poetic formulation that we want to share with you.

As the case is

a package for socks and shirts

when we go somewhere,

also the book is

a package for words

we want to read.

But thanks to it we can

not only read it

but also transfer it

in our backpacks

on our life journey.

How much better we carry

a book, which is

adapted to be carried...

Zenrin Kushu -

the book with a handle!

The book for wandering monks.


3. Radka Bartošová, Old Man’s Tree

The Graphic College and Secondary Graphic Art School in Jihlava, Czech Republic

Jury statement : Words form sentences, sentences are tree rings that become a space not only for reading but especially for touching. The jury appreciated the unusual book form, the form of a quality bookbinding book-object.