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International Competition of Packaging Design



The jury has selected the 40 best packages from 57 countries. Check the packaging that could win one of the awards. Look at the top 40 best packaging.


In the 22nd year of the Young Package, over seven hundred designers from all continents sign up for the competition. Which one will receive the highest award, Model Obaly Prize, will be announced on


Last year Matěj Činčera and Jan Kloss designed a multipurpose catalog for the Young Package competition. The catalog interested the jury of the Fénix content marketing competition so much that he had…


Designer duo of Coufal & Hermann will create a new exhibition of the Young Package 2017. Designers Matěj Coufal and Edward Herrmann have several awards and they had cooperated with Czech…

Young Package 2013: Ageing

Packaging in senior fashion

What should packaging be like in order to succeed with the aging population? This issue was also discussed during the German packaging congress in autumn 2006, when under the motto „Packaging moves the market“ it highlighted further necessities for the successful implementation of products. German market analysts along with selected organizations dealing with the needs of the older population discussed issues that are common to other European markets, including the Czech.

10 facts on ageing and the life course