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The jury has selected the 40 best packages from 57 countries. Check the packaging that could win one of the awards. Look at the top 40 best packaging.


In the 22nd year of the Young Package, over seven hundred designers from all continents sign up for the competition. Which one will receive the highest award, Model Obaly Prize, will be announced on


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Anne-Marie Brouillette

a short interview with the winner of the university category in Young Package 2010


Where do you study?

I am a student at École de Design UQAM, I am currently enrolled in the bachelor of Graphic Design.  Graphic Design is a dynamic field, rich in influences, and I aspire at becoming a versatile graphic designer.


Anne-Marie Brouillette's winning entry of the Package for sweets category: Au septieme miel

You became the winner of the university category in Young Package 2010. Could you describe your winning entry?

In my project Au septième Miel, I used the form of a honeycomb, to recall the essence of the product itself: a honey flavored candy, with a hint of saffron or other spices. The package in itself has an obvious practical function, to contain and protect the product, and to emphasize its portability. However, the package must be in perfect harmony with the underlying product; to create a positive and unique experience for the customer. For the design itself I made a hand-made decorative design and I embossed the product with its identity.


award designed by Jan Činčera and Radka Pitrmucová

Which do you think are the biggest challenges of today’s design?

Notwithstanding, it is, in my opinion, of paramount importance to bring an ecological conscience to packaging. With that vision in mind, I decided to use a minimalist approach to this packaging, using as little materials as possible.


If you like the words of Anne-Marie, check also her blog, where she publishes her work: http://ambrouillette.blogspot.com/