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International Competition of Packaging Design



On this Thursday we launch the Young Package 2017 Exhibition. You can se 40 best packaging on the topic of Open & Play. An exhibition of the best entries has been designed by duo Matěj Coufal and…


Look at the photos from the Design Award Ceremony that took a place on 26th of May.

Photos: Jan Hromádko



The jury has selected the 40 best packages from 57 countries. Check the packaging that could win one of the awards. Look at the top 40 best packaging.


In the 22nd year of the Young Package, over seven hundred designers from all continents sign up for the competition. Which one will receive the highest award, Model Obaly Prize, will be announced on

Terms and conditions

The competition jury will mainly assess: innovativeness and creativity; package ergonomics; functionality; easy manipulation ( packages should be easily open by elder people or children as well ) environmental aspects; shape, and originality of the idea; constructional imaginativeness; quality presentation. Participants will submit their entries in the form of a full-scale functional model. This means that it must be a functional mock-up; if it is designed to open, it must open. The model must be of high quality, with regard to potential representational and exhibition purposes.


Competition entries will be accepted in two groups:

1) University students and young designers of up to 30 years of age

2) High-school students


material used

Material used for competition work must be material that can be polygraphically processed and of the type used by the company Model Obaly, mainly a whole range of corrugated cardboard, smooth and mock-up board. Model Obaly company also uses polypropylene films, further printed and formed, and packaging made of a smooth cardboard. Designs combining both the cardboard and the polypropylene film shall be accepted for the competition. Model Obaly processes other types of paper and cardboard that may be used for competition entry. Detailed description of materials and their properties can be found on the competition website www.young-package.com





To register, participants use an online registration form placed on the competition website. Here, they will fill in personal data and entry description for the jury to use in the selection process. After the registration, participants will receive a registration code by e-mail. This code must be indicated both on the entry (in a subtle and elegant manner) and on the envelope or package in which the work will be sent. Consequently, the works will be judged anonymously. You can find the registration form on www.young-package.com. If more works are registered, then each work must be registered separately. In case of more authors the work is registered only once, in the registration form there is a special line for the names of all authors. Registration online form will be closed 25 March 2016 at 1 p.m. (Central European Time)!


sending the works

Competition entries must be mailed carefully wrapped so that they arrive undamaged, i.e. in a sufficient-sized box or envelope, in which it is stabilised and secured. On the envelope or package, the participants have to indicate their registration code. Entries may either be sent by March 25, 2016 or delivered personally on March 29, 2016, from 2 p.m. to 6 p.m. to the address CZECHDESIGN/GALLERY, Vojtěšská 3, Praha 1, Czech Republic.


Notice for foreign participants: Your parcel should carry a Customs Authorities Statement: Package contains an object intended for the international Young Package competition; its value for the customs purposes does not exceed 10 EUR.


terms and conditions

Entries sent by postal service will be accepted from participants registered through online registration form. High school, college, university students, and designers of up to 30 years of age can register. With their entries, participants do not include any CDs or portfolios; only the sent packages will be evaluated. Competition entry and shipment costs are covered by the participants. Entries are not returned to the participants; they become the property of the competition organiser. Additional collection of entries in 2016 will not be allowed. Selected works will be donated to the design collection of National Technical Museum in Prague. Ceremonial results announcement will be held in May 2016 in Prague.

Entries are to be sent to the following address:

CZECHDESIGN, Vojtěšská 3, 110 00, Prague 1, Czech Republic



about the competition

The international Young Package competition is aimed at students and young designers up to 30 years of age from all around the world. The designs accepted in the competition are especially those made of corrugated and smooth cartoon or other paper materials, widely used in packaging design. Young Package competition has been held annually since 1996; it was founded, and has continued, thanks to the initiative of the company Model Obaly, a leading package manufacturer, for whom the support of young talents in the field is very important. The competition organiser since 2009 has been CZECHDESIGN.CZ.


legal arrangements

By registering in the competition the competitor confirms that he/she is familiar with the rules of the competition, agrees thereto and undertakes to abide them. In working on the work the competitor shall be obliged to proceed personally, individually and refrain from any intervention in third persons` rights, in particular in the copyrights and other intellectual property rights. Only works with where the creator owns all rights to the work can be registered in the competition. The competitor is expressly aware also of the fact that the competition work (protected work)sent - may be used by the promoter and organizer of the competition for the exhibition, news and promotional purposes without any entitlement to remuneration in all manners of use, for all countries of the world, without any time limitation, or the competition work may be conveyed by the organiser and used by a third person for the same purposes. For the period of the competition (up to June 30, 2016) the competitor grants to the promoter and organiser the exclusivity in the presentation of the competition work. He/she thereby takes into account that any use of the competition work by the competitor or a third person and also the granting or transfer of the rights of use in favour of a third person is forbidden at the time of the competition due to the conflict with the interests of the promoter and organiser of the competition. In the event that within the evaluation by the expert jury the competition work gets shortlisted, the competitor will be informed by e-mail without undue delay, the competitor undertakes to refrain from the use and transfer of the rights without the organiser’s prior express consent for a period of the following 4 months (by 31 October 2016). Within the time-limit mentioned the promoter shall have the preferential right to conclude a license agreement with the competitor in respect of the provision of the exclusive rights of use relating to the competition work for commercial purposes for consideration. If the promoter takes advantage of its preferential rights and offers the conclusion of the agreement for consideration to the competitor by 31 October 2016, the competitor shall be obliged to conclude the agreement and provide the rights. On the contrary, in the event that the preferential right is not taken advantage of, the competitor shall no longer be bound thereby. (However, the organiser’s and promoter’s rights to use the competition work for the exhibition, news and promotional purposes shall not be affected thereby even upon the termination of the competition). Financial reward is subjected to taxation. Model Obaly company reserves the right to choose for internship in their innovation center not only one but also more winners. The proclaimer has the right to admit none of winners for the internship. The legal order of the Czech Republic shall be decisive for all rules of the participation, the competition conditions, contractual arrangements and authorization to use. In dealing with a dispute relating to the competition all affected persons shall be obliged to proceed amicably in the presence of the organiser of the competition. The bodies competent to deal with any eventual disputes which were not possible to be settled amicably with the help of the organiser shall be the general courts of the Czech Republic.