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International Competition of Packaging Design



On this Thursday we launch the Young Package 2017 Exhibition. You can se 40 best packaging on the topic of Open & Play. An exhibition of the best entries has been designed by duo Matěj Coufal and…


Look at the photos from the Design Award Ceremony that took a place on 26th of May.

Photos: Jan Hromádko



The jury has selected the 40 best packages from 57 countries. Check the packaging that could win one of the awards. Look at the top 40 best packaging.


In the 22nd year of the Young Package, over seven hundred designers from all continents sign up for the competition. Which one will receive the highest award, Model Obaly Prize, will be announced on

Previous Years


the year of orange color. That was the 21st year of the Young Package. The theme was Package Unlimited and students and designers was creating the packaging for many uses.


The jubilee twentieth edition we celebrate with the topic of Happy Birthday! The competition involved over seven hundred students and designers from 31 countries.


In 2014 we announced the theme Take away. Michal Marko succeeded in university category with packaging for food, which will grow after the fisrt use.


The theme of the 18th year of the Young Package competition was Aging. Competitors were designing packages which will serve to seniors.


In this year we registered a record of 855 competitors. The winners of the were Katarina Matković and Tihana Pečírka from Croatia. They created a comprehensive package for tea.


In 2011, the competition was divided thematically into two parts. One part of the competitiors designing packaging in the category "Other views" on the theme "Book as a package for words". The topic of the second category was "Package for national product".


The 15th year of Young Package competition was in the spirit of comics and packaging for sweets. The main prize went to Canadian Anne-Marie Brouillette. The winner of the high-school category was Viktorie Prokopová.


The 14th year of the competition confirmed a dominant position for Czech and Canadian designers. Once again, they achieved the highest number of winning entries. It was decided that the 2010 competition would be organized by the agency CZECHDESIGN.CZ.


Due to internal changes in the organization of the competition, when the institute of the Czech Design Centrum disappeared and the Slovak Design Center took over the temporary role of organizer, participation fell. On a positive note, an internship in the Czech Republic with Činčera Studio and the sponsor company Model Obaly became an integral part of the awards. The previous year’s prediction by the award committee of continued dominance by Canadian participants in the competition proved true.


Young Package 2007 was dominated by Czech and Slovak designers. The jury, however, noticed that strong competition for the Central European designers was on the rise, especially from Asia and Canada – the two places with the largest number of foreign submissions.


The motto for the 11th year of Young Package was ‘Think of nature, think of everyone, and think in context’. The competition’s challenge was to think outside the box for a package or its material.


The 10th anniversary recorded an increase in the number of participants in the category of young designers up to 30 years of age as well as in the number of foreign entries. Model Obaly confirmed registration of designers from 11 countries.


For the first time in the competition history, the quality of the submitted works increased with the growing number of participants. The high quality challenged the jury to carry on long discussions on the issue during the review process.


The number of foreign participants in Young Package grew. According to the jury, the quality of entries had increased accordingly.


The jury of the 7th year of Young Package again confirmed the high quality of the winning works. They noted that they hoped to see more and more quality entries in the future.


In 2001, Icograda (International Council for Graphic Design Associations), as world body for professional graphic design and visual communications, became a partner of the Young Package competition. As a result, the competition attracted a high number of foreign participants.


The goal of Young Package’s 5th year was to attract foreign participation to the competition, and establish its international reputation. German participation confirmed the strengthening of a Central European design platform.


The quality of the submitted works increased again with the growing number of participants. Young Package announced its ambition to grow on an international level. The 4th year of the competition was the first that was bilingual, using both Czech and English.


The number of participants in the 3rd year of the competition grew tremendously. The jury declared integration of the competition with industry practice to be the main challenge for future years.


Participation in the 2nd year of Young Package was much higher than the first. It also got the attention of both design professionals and the public. The results were presented at the Embax Fair – one of the partners of the competition. The catalogue and competition logo were created; the logo represented a stylized egg-shaped cardboard package.


The 1st year of the competition. Young Package/Mlady Obal was announced in 1996 by the Czech company of Model Obaly. The subject of the competition was to design an unconventional advertising item.