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International Competition of Packaging Design



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The jury has compared more than 700 packages from 57 countries. Jury members choose the 42 best packaging on the topic Open & Play. Look at the photo report.


We are introducing the members of the Young Package jury 2017. The members are Jan Činčera, Radek Kupčík, Martin Vlk, Miroslav Dočkal a Tomáš Chludil.

Read more about the jury members.

Inspiration: Five playful packages on the topic, ‘Open & Play’

Every year the theme of the competition Young Package puzzles hundreds of designers. We receive many proposals from around the world, and a lot of original ideas, but not all of them fulfil the topic brief. This year's theme is ‘Open & Play’, subtitled "the package as a game." Let's imagine some of the ideas that would fulfill the conditions of the competition and which could have a chance of success this year.

Movies right out of the box

Pizza Hut tried to approach the packaging of pizza in a slightly different way. They realized that people often associate pizza with movie nights. And that’s why they transformed the idea into special product. In cooperation with Ogilvy Hong Kong, they created ‘the Blockbuster box’ - packaging from which you can create a functional projector. Because the packaging is multi-purpose, environmentally friendly and playful, it perfectly meets this year's competition topic - Open & Play.

Blockbuster Box, Pizza Hut, Business Insider

Blockbuster Box, Pizza Hut, Business Insider

Crosswords from the pack?

Connecting crosswords and tea… that was the idea from Barbara Cekotová. In 2013 she won 3rd place in the international competition Young Package, under the topic ‘Ageing’. Her design combined crossword games which aimed to exercise the mind and memory, with spending a nice relaxing time with a cup of tea (the crosswords were printed onto the tea pack). By linking these two very different things, she created a unique package.

Stárnutí, Barbora Cekotová, Foto: Filip Šach

Domino, don’t you know

Pizza packaging is really popular, so another idea we have here, is packaging for Domino's Pizza. The company decided that the new packaging design should be directed to the very origins of the brand. They approached the agency Jones Knowles Ritchie, who created a simple design which would match with the whole concept of the company and also connect itself to consumers. The resulting packaging is in the style of a domino game, so after a large pizza order, the game can begin. An entertaining, graphic package managed to promote pizza packaging to a playful object which fits perfectly into this year's competition topic.

Domino's pizza package, Jones Knowles Ritchie, zdroj: The Dieline

Domino's pizza package, Jones Knowles Ritchie, zdroj: The Dieline

Packaging as a social game

Birthday celebrations should certainly include games. Richard Jenešík created a unique Happy Birthday Set to satisfy whatever is needed at such celebrations. The Birthday Set is created to fulfillnot only a one function. At first glance, it may appear as just a package for alcohol, but after opening, it is clear that the celebration should not only involve drinking alcohol, but also playing games. Last year Richard Jenešík reached 2nd place with this package design.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY from Slovakia, Richard Jenešík, Foto: Tomáš Polák

HAPPY BIRTHDAY from Slovakia, Richard Jenešík, Foto: Jan Hromádko

Playful graphics

Another playful package is the packaging for Trident Gum. The entire design was created by Hani Douai in several variants. These packages have both a men's and a women's version, which definitely entertains many fans of chewing gum. A very ordinary and quite simple idea can completely change with aesthetics and attractive packaging.

Trident Gum, Hani Douaji, zdroj: Packaging of the world

Trident Gum, Hani Douaji, zdroj: Packaging of the world

Do you think that something could be done better?

Do you have a great idea for a package that would precisely fit the topic of ‘Open & Play’? Then you should definitely send your package to our international competition Young Package, the deadline is March 24, 2017. The winners will share prizes worth CZK 75,000.