Deadline :
14. 5. 2019

Competition proposal

See the winners of Model Young Package 2019

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TOP 50 shortlist

TOP 50 shortlist

This year the jury was selecting from the enormous number of entries and that’s why they have …

Unboxing experience

Pack any of your favorite products in such a manner, that everyone will want to share it on Instagram! Each package has to go a long way from the manufacturer, through e-shop and delivery services to the customer‘s hands. Throughout the journey, the packaging has to protect the product greatly for the big finale – unboxing. The moment of unpacking is the most challenging for designers. How do we make that short moment really special, while the packaging also still works perfectly?

Model Young Package

The Model Young Package is a competition focused on paper products where we accepte prototypes of corrugated and smooth cardboard and other paper materials.

6 000 EUR

The winners will receive 6000 EUR altogether and one of the winners will also be chosen for a three-week remunerated internship at the Model Obaly Innovation Centre.

900+ designers from whole world

948 students and designers from 61 countries competed in 2018. The jury choosed the top 50 of the best artworks. See the MYP winners of previous years.