Meet the jury of Model Young Package 2019

This year the Model Young Package competition was looking for fully functional packages that bring you the best Unboxing experience. The topic is inspired by unboxing videos, trending on the internet. The works were being assessed by a five-member jury, with packaging design expert Jan Činčera as the jury chairman. A crucial part of the jury was represented by Kateřina Švarcová, from Model Obaly, accompanied by Vítek Škop, a young graphic designer from UMPRUM, Václav Mlynář, a product designer from BOMMA and Vojtěch Vosecký from the Institute of Circular Economy.

In this year’s contest, we have received packaging from 66 countries, from 666 authors. For all of them, it was a chance to compete at an international level, with competition across the whole globe, which is something not every contest has. The contest is coming to its grand finale and we are preparing an award ceremony for all the contestants which will take place on the 23rd of September in Prague, Czech Republic, in CAMP. At the same time, there will be an ongoing exhibition of the best works at the CZECHDESIGN gallery.

But first, let us introduce the jury to you.


Jan Činčera


jury chairman, packaging designer and founder of Studio Činčera


Jan Činčera, the most prominent packaging designer in the Czech Republic, has studied the Secondary Technical School of Graphics, specialization: Paper Processing and Packaging Technology. After he met J. H. Kocman in 1983, he began to look at paper differently, it was no longer just an industrial material for him, but a poetic one. Between 1984 and 1989 he worked at Center of Packaging engineering of Prague Paper mills, after 1989 he taught at AVU as an assistant of professor Miloš Šejna in the studio of conceptual art. At the time he was primarily interested in original paper and books. In 1994 he has founded Studio Činčera, together with his wife Zora. The studio is concerned particularly with classic packaging design, but they also deal with 3D works from paper and foil.


Jan Činčera, Photo: Tomáš Souček


Kateřina Švarcová


marketing manager at Model Obaly


The company Model Obaly is the founder of Model Young Package and also one of the most prominent European manufacturers of packaging with innovative solutions. In the extensive portfolio of this company, we can find packaging from both smooth and corrugated cardboard, simple transport boxes or premium packaging with special surface modifications. For a long time, they have been supporting young talented designers, who can not only participate in Model Young Package since 1996 but also in the Innovation Center at Model Obaly. Kateřina Švarcová works as a marketing manager at Model Obaly.


Kateřina Švarcová, Photo: Lenka Šulcová



Vítek Škop


young graphic designer


Vítek Škop has freshly graduated from UMPRUM where he studied in the studio of Graphic Design and New Media under the supervision of. Mgr. A. Petr Babák. He also studied abroad, in NYC at SVA under Paula Scher. The creativity of his designs is limitless. He participated in the Czech Innovation Expo exhibition which got the third place in the Czech Grand Design 2018 contest in the category Graphic designer of the year. Apart from the awarded design he also designed the visual style of the city Pilsen, design of a Sporten ski, an application showing the history of Prague or the visual style of the international music festival Dvořákova Praha. In his thesis, he focused on education and created a physics book that explores the possibilities of augmented reality.

Vítek Škop, Source: Archive of the author


Václav Mlynář


product designer, member of deFORM and MONUMENT Office studios, creative director at BOMMA


Václav Mlynář studied Product design at UMPRUM, as well as in London at the Royal College of Art or in Denmark at KADK. Since 2011 he’s been in the studio de FORM, together with Jakub Pollág. They are focused on product design, especially of glass objects. Apart from chandeliers, vases and bottles they also design furniture or even whole interiors, for example, the shop Freshlabels, under their newly founded studio MONUMENT Office. In 2016 they got a Grand designer of the year prize for the interactive game KOSKI, which was created as a thesis of Václav Mlynář at Royal College of Art in London. At the same time, he is also a creative director at BOMMA, which is concerned with traditional Czech glass-making. 


Václav Mlynář, Source: Archive of the author



Vojtěch Vosecký


Co-founder of the Institute of Circular Economy


The Institute was founded with the intention to spread and implement the ideas of circular economy. The team at the Institute of Circular Economy promotes sustainable product design and prolonging the lifespan of products through recycling and usage of the right packaging. Vojtěch Vosecký, as one of the founders of the Institute of Circular Economy, assessed the packages with regards to their recyclability and reusability. 


Vojtěch Vosecký, Source:



Are you curious about who made the best packaging and who won the competition? Up-to-date info will be available on the Model Young Package website and our Facebook. Come to CAMP in Prague on 23rd of September 2019, where the award ceremony will be held. There will also be an exhibition of the selection of the best works at CZECHDESIGN gallery, Vojtěšská 3, Prague 1.


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