FAQ – most common questions about the competition answered!

With the deadline for submitting works for this year’s Model Young Package packaging design competition, questions arise among competitors. We have selected the most common ones for you. The Model Young Package team responds and offers an insight into the rules and under the guise of design competitions.

1 / The global pandemic situation made the conditions more difficult for each of the participants in the competition. Some are unsure whether their competition prototype will be delivered on time. How do you respond to these concerns?


MYP: We understand that the current conditions make it difficult for competitors to work, so we accommodated them and postponed the deadline for submitting work to June 15, 2020. Competitors gained a month of time for better processing at home and we believe that their prototypes will be delivered without further difficulties. The conditions of the competition say that June 15 is the latest possible date for sending the prototype.


2 / June 15 will be busy at the post office! Do you need to receive prototype packages on June 15? Is it possible to choose a different way of the delivery?


MYP: On June 15 or earlier, the prototype should be sent to CZECHDESIGN Vojtesská 3, Prague 1, The Czech Republic. What is decisive for us is the postmark, which unmistakably records whether the work was submitted in accordance with the rules, ie no later than June the 15th. For Prague competitors or those who visit Prague, there is also the possibility of personal delivery on June the 15th, between 2 pm and 6 pm. But if you stop by now, we will be happy to accept your package as well.


3 / Competitors had the task to submit a 3D prototype with a requirement for a quality level of design and it’s graphics. In the coronavirus situation, many competitors were not allowed to work with printers, their teachers or did not have access to the workshops and there were other similar obstacles. Have you modified the form in which the prototype is to be submitted?


MYP: We received several questions about whether it is possible to submit the packaging in digital form. The answer is that unfortunately, it is not. The most important thing is to submit a real prototype of the packaging, as the competition evaluates the manipulation with the packaging and the already mentioned level of its functionality and appearance and these properties are not digitally transferable. Therefore it is not possible to accept digital packaging prototypes for the competition. It is necessary to submit the competition work in the form of a functional model in a 1: 1 scale, so the work must be functional – if it is openable, it must be possible to open it.


4 / What do you think will be the level of this year’s work with regard to the state of quarantine and isolation, which made it impossible for students and designers to use many tools to improve their work?


MYP: Difficult working conditions often force us to think differently, to discover new possibilities, to open up ideas that seem more time-consuming and difficult than just creating fancy finishes and prints. We are sure that even at home conditions, with the help of very basic equipment such as scissors, cardboard and glue, it is possible to produce a paper prototype worthy of this competition. We recommend focusing on the functional aspects of the prototype and its construction, which the jury often appreciates more than effective prints.


5 / You mention the evaluation of the jury. What do you perceive as the most important elements of the packaging and what will the jury appreciate the most?


MYP: The packaging should bring new solution and suggest a visionary concept. The jury of the competition will evaluate primarily:

  • innovation and creativity
  • original construction
  • functionality
  • ergonomic design and easy manipulation (the packaging should work perfectly so that even an older person or child can easily open it)
  • ecological aspect
  • quality of the prototype

6 / We know from previous years and a list of important evaluation criteria that packaging is a complex work and it is not always possible to demonstrate all the elements in a prototype. How should contestants proceed if they need to acquaint the jury with the story behind the cover, describe the materials they are working with or explain the idea for their work?


MYP: We recommend that you register when the prototype is ready and you can enter all the information regarding the material, packaging printing, design solution, production process and others in the registration form. We are not able to pass on descriptions, portfolios and digital media attached directly to the prototype to the jury – it is, therefore, necessary to write everything in the form. Indicate in the form whether you use some technologies that can only be applied in industrial production and therefore the author cannot show them on the prototype, this is exactly the type of information that can be filled into the form and the jury will see them.


7 / The creative process is rich and unpredictable. What if it leads me to a different result than the one described in the registration itself?


MYP: If you have already registered and the prototype has changed in the production process, register your work again and use the new registration code. Only in this way will the jury correctly connect the prototype with the registration form and thus also with a detailed description of the work. The code must be used to mark your posting package or envelope, as well as the prototype itself (in the most elegant way).


8 / What can we imagine under the term personal care, which is the theme of this year’s competition?


MYP: This year, it is the designers’ job to design packaging for products that improve our lives and cure the ills of today’s world. So we are talking about medical needs, such as medicines and drugs, disposable masks and patches, as well as nutritional supplements. Competitors can also ecologically pack hygiene items or cosmetics. Today’s man needs a lot of products and leaves a lot of packaging behind. You need to think about your needs and the environmental impact of meeting them.


9/ The topic of personal care therefore offers a really wide range of products for which it is possible to invent and create packaging. Is it possible to enter and submit more than one prototype?


MYP: Of course. If you have more prototypes in your mind or you have already processed and you do not know which one to send to the competition send them all! However, do not forget to register each of the prototypes separately and describe each of them with a unique code which you will receive in the email after registration. The code must be used to mark your package or envelope as well as the prototype itself (in the most elegant way).


10/ Do I understand correctly that it is enough to send one prototype for one given package to the competition?


MYP: One prototype of the packaging is sufficient and registers you in the competition. If the packaging is devalued during unpacking (it is necessary to tear off part of the packaging, disassemble the packaging so that it can not be folded back), we recommend submitting two prototypes for one packaging design to the competition so that the jury has the opportunity to fully test the packaging and one remains intact.


11 / In the end is there anything you would say to your competitors?


MYP: Thank you for your work that transforms and improves packaging design step by step and doesn’t forget – we don’t expect 100% perfect professional processing, create a prototype for the competition, be innovative and imaginative, bring solutions, innovations and visions to the competition.


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