The 15th Young Package competition introduces newly two categories.

The first of the two is more closely connected to the industrial practice; its topic is aimed at either a product or a group of products. Still, we do not want to limit the participants by the production process of a package; the first category looks for new package methods, new ideas and new possibilities. The second category brings a new view of what a package is. It works with the package theme – a box – very freely.

first category: Product Package

topic for 2010: Design of a package for sweets

Competition entries will be accepted in two groups:

  1. University students and young designers of up to 30 years of age
  2. High-school students

In a strongly competitive environment, a product packaging plays an important role. Product attractiveness and sales strength are no longer determined by its properties and uniqueness; often, it is the package that influences customers’ orientation. Still, a package has to meet other criteria, and combine economic, ergonomic, and ecological requirements with attractiveness.

The competition category is not limited by existing products. Sweets merely represent a common package goal. The package should bring new, original solutions; its visionary concept should arouse interest.

The package for sweets is not closely specified: participants may design a package for a candy; biscuits; chocolate bar; cake; cookies; box of chocolates; etc. Just like other packages, the package for sweets has to be functional, attractive, and different from other products. The challenge is that the package has to be designed in such a manner that it can serve as a gift by itself.

The competition jury will mainly assess: innovativeness and creativity; package ergonomics; functionality; ecological design; shape and idea originality; constructional imaginativeness; and overall quality level of the presentation.

Participants submit their entries in the form of a full-scale functional model. This means that it has to be a functional mock-up; if it is to open, it has to open. The model must be of high quality, with regard to potential representation and exhibit purposes.

material used

Material used for the competition must be a material that can be polygraphically processed and is used by the company Model Obaly. The company mainly uses a whole range of corrugated cardboard, smooth and mock-up board. Model Obaly Company also uses polypropylene films, further printed and formed, and packaging made of a smooth cardboard. Designs combining both the cardboard and the polypropylene film shall be accepted for the competition.

Model Obaly processes other types of paper and cardboard that may be used for competition entry.

second category: Different View

topic for 2010: Comics

Within this category, all works will be judged together: high school and university students, and young designers up to 30 years of age.

As modern industry does not stand on the knowledge of one expert, Young Package aims at interconnection of various fields. For the first time, the 15th annual competition introduces a new category, focused on creative artists and experts from other fields.

COMICS has been chosen to be the first topic of this inspiring category; its central theme remains the box. The competition thus addresses not just package designers, but graphic designers, illustrators, painters, literary authors, and everyone else, whose creative approach may enrich the field of package design.

The comics may interpreted in several ways: it may be on product package; it may be the product itself; the participants may use the comics to approach the production process of a “box”; the topic “box” may also be taken figuratively, turning the box into a comics story hero. The resulting form is up to author’s imagination. Entries thus may consist of either a two-dimensional comics or a three-dimensional object. In this category, the box does not have to represent a functional package.

The competition jury will mainly judge imaginativeness, inventiveness, creativity, originality of solution, sense of humour, and good presentation quality – both artistic and verbal. Submitted entries must be well made, with regard to potential representative and exhibit purposes.

material used/format

Concerning two-dimensional entries, these are submitted in a free printed form. We recommend the language used to be English, Czech, or Slovak. Concerning three-dimensional entries, the above listed materials are to be used.