„Product package“ category focused on „Package for sweets“

University students and young designers of up to 30 years of age

1. Anne-Marie Brouillette, Au septième miel

University of Québec in Montréal, Canada

Jury statement: Originality of the product is highlighted by the exceptionality of the package itself. Odorous honey pieces have been inspired by the shape of bee combs and are designed for flavouring of hot beverages. Minimal package copies the shape of the sweet, and by the means of clever system of wooden sticks it is possible to separate each piece hygienically without touching it by hands. In addition, it does not use larger amount of paper than what is necessary for the product protection and so it contributes to reduction of waste material. The competition work has attracted attention also by its overall finish. The package is complimented by tasteful graphic design and by funny wordplay with French words “miel” – honey and ”ciel” – heaven, so while consuming it you can really feal like you are in the seventh heaven (au septième ciel).

2. Pavlína Jašková, Bonbonnies

Tomas Bata University, Zlín, Czech Republic

Jury statement: Set of fun boxes for bonbons would certainly attract children´s attention. It offers various and, at the same time, easy ways of opening that moreover work with graphics in a fun way – easy constructional arrangement supports graphic expression of a face and suddenly the box turns into an open mouth of an animal. Colorful laces are designed for hanging the box on the neck and perfectly highlight the focus on the youngest customers.

3. Kristina Novosadová, Tic Tac Packet

University of Technology, Košice, Slovakia

Jury statement: Colorful monsters attract us at the first sight by their broad smiles, however if we look closer, we can see that instead of teeth there are Tic Tacs. The jury has appreciated the simple idea of the analogy of white pellets with children´s teeth, which the author has brought it to perfection by the original graphic design. Thanks to this, the colourful packages will become nice toys in children´s hands.

Special jury prize: Alice Endrychová, Package for Traditional Chocolate Rolls

Tomas Bata University, Zlín, Czech Republic

Jury statement: Special jury prize will be given to the package that has astonished by its perfection. It is a product which would be very difficult to produce, but its structure and graphics are perfected almost to the end. The author has also thought of the way of transportation, storage and also stratification during which an interestig effect originates.

Special CZECHDESIGN.CZ prize: Lucie Dečová, Chocoludo

University of Technology, Košice, Slovakia

Jury statement: What do you do with a box with bonbons, when you have just few of the same color left? Invite three friends and play Chocoludo! Simple yet clean cardboard box design uses the colors of Smarties also in its graphics. It entertains and may serve as a nice present.

High school students

1. Viktorie Prokopová, Nanynka’s Ice Lolly
Secondary School of Applied Art Uherské Hradiště, Czech Republic

Jury statement: The papier-mâché technique is not very typical for package design; in case of the winning design it emphasizes the sculptural character of the whole work. The author has used the motif of a doll, very attractive for girls, and the work has been made even more perfect by the choice of font and by its playful title. Original use of paper, graphic design, fun colors… all work together, making the object more than an ordinary ice cream package.

2. Aneta Kaderková, I chew, you chew, we chew

Gymnázium Na Pražačce, Prague, Czech Republic

Jury statement: Box of chewing gums work with the analogy of teeth in two ways, the joke presented in the big box also repeats inside the small boxes. You will not only be reminded about chewing after each meal by your dentist twice a year, but also each time by the box itself: the less chewing gums left in the box, the more bad teeth in your smile. And who would like to have decayed teeth nowadays? Great idea and successful graphic play is unfortunately not accompanied by clean finish of the design. If it were not for the imperfections within its design, the box could have aspired for the highest rank.

3. Gabriela Pospíšilová, Universal Confectionery Cone

High School of Applied Arts for Glassmaking Valašské Meziříčí, Czech Republic

Jury statement: Elementarily simple shape utilizes the tension of material and so it creates a non-pasted spatial object. The entire cone is made of one, repeatedly unfolding piece of paper which is not graphically processed but that is the reason why the neatness of the shape of the object and its potential for further graphic use stand out.

„Different view“ category focused on „Comics“

1. Rufina-Maryia Bazlova, Cocoa Goddess

University of West Bohemia in Pilsen, Czech Republic

Jury statement: The jury has appreciated the exemplary combination of comic and product. While you are eating pieces of chocolate, the background of the packet tells the story of its origin. The stylization of drawings refers to the Azteque civilization where chocolate was born and it suitably complements the product character.

2. Luisa Fabrizi a Giovanni Simoncelli, Domilapolo

Universita di Roma La Sapienza, Rome, Italy

Jury statement: The role of a bulb package for Domilapolo does not end as usual – at the moment when we take the bulb out of the package – because the box can be further unfolded and used as a lampshade, hence prolonging its life. The work process is explained in a well-done comic that is placed on one side of the lampshade.

3. Anouk Perreault, Cereal Killer

University of Québec in Montréal, Canada

Jury statement: Thanks to the successful pun in the product title every child will become a little hunter and the cereal flakes will turn into desirable prey during breakfast. Expressive drawings as well as the color scheme make the box particularly attractive to the youngest audience and they can evoke in them a desire for this popular meal.

Special jury prize: Kristina Šimková, Darkness Packaging

University of Technology, Košice, Slovakia

Jury statement: The author of the “Darkness Packaging” in a fun way connects the comic with the fictitious content of the packet. The drawings work with the moment of tension, expectation and secrecy, when the box lies unopened on the table and there is no light coming in.