From the entire production of paper and boards – over 45 % is used for packaging material. Corrugated board is introduced in it’s own article due to the impact and vibration resistance it possesses. Nevertheless an equally important player in packaging is solid board. And we’ll try to describe it right here.

In the history, board was a stronger thicker paper-like material. Today board is made on similar machines as paper. The difference is in the paper base itself, but also paper is typically single-ply and board is two- or more ply.

Solid board is divided base on final treatment: painted, non-painted or glazed boards. Furthermore the structure of used materials is important. Board comes in natural brown or white.

Thanks to folding, seaming or gluing the solid board gets the 3D shape. It insures protection for the goods and is suitable for quality printing all these attributes result in wide usage and acceptance of the board. Board is easily transported, handled and the production is easily mechanized – that is very important for the entire packaging industry. Board is also favored for ecological reasons – unlike some plastics, board is 100% recyclable.

Based on surface weight – solid board is used for various fixings, files, mounts and boxes.