Font Magazine, in volume 6/2009, published an interview with Radka Pitrmucová, the author of the new visual style of Young Package Competition.

Radka studied in various studios during her study. She started in the studio of Space Creation, prof. Marian Karel, but after the one-year scholarship in the studio of Graphic Design and Visual Communication she decided to change definitely her specialization. She completed scholarship at the London College of Communication and in the studio of Sculpture under Jaroslav Róna at the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague. She utilizes her conceptual thinking and the feel for space also for her work as a graphic designer.


You went through several studios with different specialization. What do you like the most on graphic design and how does your experience with other approaches influence your work?

In the studio of Space Creation I dedicated myself to installations. I have always been interested in conceptual art; in fact, all the studios I went through were focused more on concept than on aesthetics. I am glad that I am able to connect everything in the studio of Graphic Design and Visual Communication. Work with space, aesthetics and concept. I enjoy the fact that in this field such freedom is possible, but at the same time, it has aesthetic value and it speaks to wider public than free art. An advantage for me is that with each of my specialization on a particular area I was always interested in its context and history.


buttons and business cards that have been  done according to Radka´s design

You completed a scholarship in London. Did you notice any differences between the teaching in London and here?

The majority of schools abroad offer unbelievable freedom. I went to London, into the studio of typography after spending one year in the studio of prof. Vaněk. At first, I was shocked because I thought that I had been back in a studio of free creation, however, in the end I was satisfied. The work was very experimental, but in many cases lacking in quality of graphic realization and somewhat incomplete. Most students were very creative and they had good ideas, but it often ended there The results were not satisfying. At the University of Fine Arts, Design and Architecture the style of work is different. Our studio is focused on results and often forgets to play, which the professors in London reminded me again. On the other hand, our studio is also very open to competitions and work opportunities, which gives me the feeling of being able to apply my skills.


Design of the visual style of the festival of contemporaneous Dutch culture Nethworks.cz

How was your cooperation with the organization Young Package?

Work for Young Package is my first work of such extent. According to my design the logo manual, web pages, poster and promotional material gradually originated. Another work that is waiting for me will be the catalogue. We will start working on it at the beginning of the next year. The basic motive of the logo is two shapely same rhombs that diagonally defined fictitious space for bilingual name of the project. Both languages as well as the graphic motives are color-coded. Radka also designed the poster that may boasts of the unconventional manner of folding.


The color scheme is based on graphic contrast of blue, azure and black. The motive of beveled walls offers another use in the visual style. I am very glad that in the team of CZECHDESIGN.CZ are my contemporaries who understand my specialization. They provide me with enough free space, although there are some compromises, which in the end result to be more suitable. For instance, I had to do many designs of the poster because the others thought it wasn’t colourful enough The final version originated at a meeting in a café when I came upon with the idea of folding it this way. The competition works with package and constant folding of paper so this realization of poster goes well with it. Mr Činčera kindly helped us with its folding. He provided us with its knowledge, skills and studio.

Veronika Hubačová