Last year, Viktorie Prokopová, a student from Uherske Hradiste’s Secondary Achool of Applied Arts, won the Secondary school category of Young Package. What did the victory bring her and what are her plans for the future?

Which school do you study?

I study the fourth year of Forming of Industrial Products – Industrial Design at the Secondary School of Applied Arts in Uherské Hradiště.

Who inspires you the most among contemporary designers?

Recently I have been influenced mostly by Sarah Illenberger whose conception of design is closest to mine.

What do you focus on during your studies and what would you like to do in the future?

Interior design is my favourite, it allows me to express freely in materials and also in formal solutions. I also like to rely different branches of art. In the future, I would like to continue designing, but in a little different way. My idea is to focus on conceptual objects with a practical use rather than the connection with industrial design.


Viktorie’s victorious (nomen omen?) entry called Nanynka’s Ice Lolly

Do you work on Young Package at school or did you and your schoolmates decide to participate individually?

Every year, students of the 3rd year of Industrial design participate in the contest. The package is then also evaluated as a school work and the results do not always match the results of the competition.

Have you already had any experience with packaging design?

Although I have never done it before, I tried to rely conceptual art with industrial design. This is also the direction I would like to follow in the future.

Did the victory in Young Package change anything in your life?

It certainly gave me some confidence and a convinction that I do well what I do. I think that if there were no Young Package, I would not consider design for my future career. The victory cheered me up a lot and it gave me self-confidence. Lets see if it also helps me get through exams to university.

What do you think about this year‘s topics? Do you plan to attend the competition again?

I am very curious to see how will foreign participants manage with the „Package for national product“ topic. „Book as a package for words“ seems like a very good topic for me and it can be treated very individually. But although the topics are very inspiring for me, I can’t participate because of the lack of time caused by exams to university.